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At Baseball Babes we bring you the sexiest girls from Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Boston, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami, Toronto and Arlington. As we know, men like nothing more than sexy girls dressing up just for them. What better than mixing naked girls with baseball? Theres nothing hotter than a fine pair of titts and ass beneath a footbath shirt, some long sock and a helmet. Let our girls tackle you into submission.


Atlanta strippers like to undress slowly but Chicago like it more hurried. Houston strippers get so hot due to the weather they like to get naked as soon as possible. Boston strippers like to be a bit more demure and tease there clients. New York strippers are always hurried due to the fast paced nature of the city. However, San Diego strippers are more laid back as its a city with a slightly more hippy vibe. San Francisco strippers like to get naked after visiting art galleries as they are culturally oriented.  Salt Lake City strippers get naked after a day on the ski slopes.  Orlando strippers strip after a day at the beach. Las Vegas strip after a night at one of the many strip clubs: sapphires, rhino or deja vu.  Miami strippers get butt naked after a day on the beach, whilst Toronto strippers after playing ice hockey. Finally, Arlington strippers get naked after a day riding their horses.


Our escorts are the naughtiest in the business and i’m going to tell you a bit about ours. Atlanta escorts are a bit rough and have a gangster flair. Chicago escorts like to play jazz before they get down and dirty. Houston escorts are all about the oil money. Boston escorts are far more sophisticated as they like to read. New York escorts like to make money off wall street bankers. San Diego escorts like to read about history. San Francisco escorts make money off silicon valley millionaires. Salt Lake City escorts deal with a lot of mormons. Orlando escorts like to be a naughty after a day at disney world. Las Vegas escorts hit the strip after a magic show. Miami escorts want to spend money from there sugar daddy. Toronto escorts sometimes enjoy a game of ice hockey before they get naughty. Arlington escorts often take a trip to the pentagon to learn about politics.  Even Vegas Escorts are said to be the best in the world, entertaining men in the neon city of adult only fun.

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Atlanta outcall massage girls enjoy giving it rough to the falcon players. Chicago massage girls really engage personally with sporting heroes. Houston massage ladies revel in using hot stones on their clients. Boston massage girls play with essential oils to unwind you. New York massage ladies give tender caresses after a night on broadway. San Diego massage vixens will blow your mind. San Francisco massage girls take a more gentle manner with the sports heros. Salt Lake City massage girls take a long time to warm up as it’s so cold on the slopes. Orlando massage girls will take a more brisk approach to customers. Las Vegas massage girls talk dirty as they are horny. Miami massage girls will make a big fuss of you. Toronto massage girls like to touch you with ice cubes. Arlington massage girls play a game where they touch all over to music.